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SVDL-1017 "Scissoring the Substitute!" Preview and Download Page

Scissoring the Substitute!


Miss Tiffany




High Definition


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Video Description

Popular Las Vegas fetish model Miss Tiffany may be petite, adorably cute and look harmless but anyone that has seen her DESTRUCTIVE performances while kicking some guy in the nuts full force or administering a beatdown knows this little girl has a BIG BITE!

They don't come much more sadistic than Miss Tiffany!

She even told us that one producer won't shoot with her anymore because the victim she worked with gave her an attitude telling her what his "limits" are!  But as Miss Tiffany put it...."He was there to play my submissive but had an attitude and when he tried to tell me his limits that's when I showed him mine!".

Well...that's the kind of attitude we LOVE here at ScissorVixens.com!

And in her debut ScissorVixens video she gives her new substitute teacher plenty of attitude and thighs...around his neck!

Miss Tiffany is feared by all the boys in school because she LOVES choking them out between her thighs but each time she does...she gets to spend time in detention.

The only problem is the teachers fear her thighs even more than the students since they have to spend hours in the detention room with her?alone!

So instead of drawing straws to find out which teacher has to sacrifice himself for Miss Tiffany's scissor choke-out session they've decided that's the best time to hire a substitute teacher who has no idea what he's in for!

It's been quite a while since we've used Beau as a victim in one of our scissor videos.  And the reason is simple...he HATES getting scissored!

Well...I couldn't believe how many times Beau taps out in this video with Miss Tiffany! 

To be honest it was getting a little frustrating because once she cranked on the pressure it was only a second or less that poor Beau's tap-hand was playing another tune on Miss Tiffany's thighs!

We like to see our ScissorVixen victims hang in there longer for the viewing pleasure of our members but for those who like to watch a guy who genuinely fears having a strong pair of female thighs wrapped around his neck than you'll love Miss Tiffany's debut ScissorVixens video titled 'Scissoring the Substitute!'.



SVDL-1017 'Scissoring the Substitute!' Preview Clip


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