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SVDL-1015 "Scissoring the Shit-Talker!" Preview and Download Page

Scissoring the Shit-Talker!


Austin Lynn




High Definition


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Video Description

We first shot with gorgeous MMA 'practitioner' Austin Lynn a few years ago when she first moved to Las Vegas and a lot has changed since then!

When I recently walked into a gym after arriving in Vegas a few weeks ago I immediately noticed this dark-haired girl squatting some pretty impressive weight. 

Each side had two big plates and a few smaller plates and she was squatting with perfect form with her butt nearly hitting the floor with each rep. 

You just don't see too many girls, or boys for that matter, squatting that kind of weight so I had to move a little closer to get a better look.

Once I was about 8 feet away I recognized the girl squatting such impressive weight and walked up to her and said..."Hey Austin...how's it going!?".  She didn?t immediately recognize me but once she did she had a big smile on her face.

I told her how impressed I was with the amount of weight she was squatting and of course suggested we set up a shoot ASAP to show off her KILLER thighs!

Austin's skin is silky smooth with a perfect Barbie Doll-like tan but don't let that fool you...there is some serious skull-crushing muscle underneath all of that beauty!

At 5'10" she gets serious scissor-leverage combined with thighs that spend a lot of time in the gym doing squats, leg presses, adductor exercises and of course CRUSHING the occasional skull of someone who needs it like Drew in this video!

Drew just can't seem to keep his big mouth shut so when Austin has finally heard enough of Drew's shit-talking she decides it's time to finally shut him up for good!

Watch as Austin wraps her big quads around his neck and squeeeeezes with everything she's got.

She enjoys taunting and scissoring him at the same time by reminding him how hopeless he is caught in her leg-trap..."Feel those fucking thighs bitch!".

Although we tell the girls to mix it up and toss in some good figure-4's it seemed as though Austin just wanted to straighten those legs and pour on the pressure for the entire video!

And YES!  Austin's legs are definitely STRONGER than the first time we shot with her!

Needless to say when it was all over Drew didn't feel like shit talking, or talking at all, after he spent some painful time between Austin's powerful thighs in 'Scissoring the Shit-Talker!'.



SVDL-1015 'Scissoring the Shit-Talker!' Preview Clip


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