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The Constrictor!


Wonder Jada




High Definition


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Video Description

Former European female bodybuilder and now fitness competitor Wonder Jada makes her first video debut here on ScissorVixens!

There's plenty to like about this dark-haired exotic European beauty including her beautiful face, gorgeous hard-body and a pair of perfectly shaped and muscular legs and glutes!

And as for attitude!?  Yeah....she's got attitude as she describes herself...

"I am a very strong young lady. I've been training for 16 years. Used to compete in bodybuilding until few years ago and then I switched to fitness. I am not huge, just fit and muscular. Very cocky and dominant I love to show off my power and make guys feel weak. I like  challenges of any kind  and love proving how strong I am!  Don't be fooled by my beauty!"

And with an attitude and body like that we think Wonder Jada has the perfect tools for her debut ScissorVixen role as a female secret agent and assassin!

Watch what she does to this poor fool when she enters his room unexpectedly and he asks her..."Who the hell are you and how did you get in here!?".

"They call me the CONSTRICTOR and I'm going to squeeeeeeze some information out of you!".

And that she does with some of the most brutal eye-popping scissors you'll ever see!

Wonder Jada loves her job and considers it more fun when her targets initially refuse to give her what she wants. 

That's when The Constrictor applies her torturous squeeeeze on her victim making him scream in agony, plead for his life and eventually giving her what she wants!

But if you think that's all she wants then you'd be mistaken!

Once she gets what she came for it's time to say goodnight...for good!

So check out stunningly gorgeous Wonder Jada in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'The Constrictor!'.



SVDL-1009 'The Constrictor' Preview Clip!



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