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"Take My SCISSOR Test!" Preview and Download Page

Take My SCISSOR Test!



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(Initially released as SVDL-914)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


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Nerds are only good for taking tests for hot girls like me but if they refuse, then they get to take my SCISSOR TEST!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download in one zip file.

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Video Description

GORGEOUS pink-haired Annalee is certainly the HOTTEST geek you'll find anywhere!

We recently shot with Duchess Dani a few weeks ago and as we think most, if not all, members would agree she looks fantastic! 

Well...Duchess Dani was kind enough to send another model our way by the name of Annalee during another photo shoot she attended in Las Vegas.

A few days after Duchess Dani showed us Annalee's pictures, I saw a gorgeous pink-haired girl with a very fit body working out at a local Las Vegas gym. 

I didn't immediately know why she looked familiar but her bright, pink hair initially caught my attention than the rest of her very fit physique caught my eye after that! 

Finally the light-bulb went off and I realized who she was...Annalee the model Duchess Dani referred to us! 

We soon e-mailed her an offer and she quickly responded writing, "What a great opportunity to put these thighs to good use after all those leg days!"

As you will see in this video, Annalee is as pretty as any model on our site! 

Combined with her athletic, toned body she is more than qualified to be a  ScissorVixen! 

When asked about any special abilities or athletic accomplishments she simply replied..."I love doing Crossfit  training and I am pretty strong!". 

We are sure you'll LOVE watching her put her CRUSHERS to good use as well in this video where Annalee is one of the popular girls in school thanks to her beautiful face and amazing body!

But Annalee doesn't like to study or take tests, so she decides to dress up like a geek and ask the school nerd to take the test for her.

But when he refuses to give into her 'geeky' charm, saying that he could get into trouble for taking the test for her, Annalee shows him the kind of trouble he can get into when caught between her big, powerful thighs!

Annalee has one of the best ASSES we've ever seen (compliments to all of the squats she does in the gym!) and it's on full display in DEVASTATING fashion with eye-popping reverse headscissors, reverse figure-4's and standing headscissors against the wall!

Of course...all of the other bone-crushing scissors are here as well as our poor victim taps-out over and over again!

So watch GORGEOUS Annalee force the helpless nerd-boy take a test he has no hope of passing in 'Take My SCISSOR Test!'.


SVRC-0136 'Take My SCISSOR Test!' Preview Clip


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