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"SCISSOR Security System!" Preview and Download Page

SCISSOR Security System!



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(Initially released as SVDL-815)


Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


He didn't want to subscribe to my home security system so I gave him an in-home demonstration with my THIGHS!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download in one zip file.

There are 123 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

What happens when you put two newbie's in the same video...?  Well...someone might TAKE A NAP...FOR REAL!

And that's exactly what happens in Bridget's first ScissorVixen video!

Bridget is quite the physical specimen and her thighs are INCREDIBLY POWERFUL from years of playing sports (ice hockey, basketball, track, etc.). Of course being a dancer and fitness instructor helps her keep her man-crusher thighs in top shape as well!

About 11 minutes into this video Bridget has her victim in a TIGHT front headscissors and asks him..."Are you ready...?" followed by "I guess it doesn't matter...". Then shortly after that it's LIGHTS OUT!

In her debut video Bridget goes door to door selling home security systems.  But with Bridget and her powerful thighs taking no for an answer is not an option! 

So when a customer says he already has a security system but would still like to see a demonstration of how hers works she straightens her legs, crosses her ankles and squeeeeezes her thighs together and asks..."Now...do you really think a robber will be able to escape these legs!?".

Still unconvinced Bridget takes the demonstration to the next level by giving him a taste of how well protected his property will be when her thighs are the security system! 

Watch has Bridget's muscular thighs SQUEEEEZE him so tight, he's actually brought to TEARS in a few of her scissors!

Over and over again Bridget's SCISSORS prove they are more than enough security to handle him or anyone else who dares to invade a home protected by her thighs!

So check out the incredibly fit Bridget in her ScissorVixen video titled 'SCISSOR Security System'!.

Note:  There is a 5 minute post video interview with our newbie victim.  For those who have never been scissored or put to sleep in a scissor hold...this interview gives you a good idea what it is like from a scisssor-newbie's point of view.


SVRC-0106 'SCISSOR Security System!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  29 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Video file size =  2.1 GB


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