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Sarah Gregory

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(Initially released as SVDL-676)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


This social media stalker wouldn't stop poking me even after I blocked him so now my powerful thighs are poking him back!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download in one zip file.

There are 128 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

Sarah Gregory has many sides to her as a switch (can be submissive or dominant) and we weren't sure if she  would be dominant enough to CRUSH her victims like the rest of our ScissorVixens.

But right from the start in our first video shoot with her in iScissors...she pretty much removed any doubt, and Drew's skull, as she was WAY MORE POWERFUL then we were expecting!

We could see Sarah Gregory had strong looking legs thanks to many years as a dancer but we weren't quite prepared for how strong until that first EYE-POPPING SQUEEEEZE!

In fact...the victim in this video told us after the shoot...""Good lord...she's the strongest girl I've been scissored by so far!".

Not coincidently, that was the last time we saw this victim again as he wanted no part of having to face a pair of thighs like Sarah Gregory's ever again!

Fast forward several years after our last shoot with Sarah Gregory, we ran into her at the annual Fetcon convention and she looked every bit as good as she did when we last shot with her!

So check out Sarah Gregory in this awesome re-captured video titled 'SCISSOR Poke!'

In her latest video sexy Sarah Gregory is fed-up with some clown constantly poking her on Facebook and each time she blocks him...he creates a new profile and pokes her again!

So...she decides to finally poke back...with her huge, powerful dancer-trained thighs! 

Watch as Sarah Gregory absolutely DESTROYS this scrawny cyber-stalker with one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other including several vicious neck-snapping scissor-chops and brutal scissor-snaps finished off with eye-popping scissor pressure!

In one incredibly SEXY but BRUTAL on the bed scissor sequence, Sarah lifts one thigh in the air and asks..."Do you think my legs are sex?".  When he responds "yes", Sarah than lowers her POWERFUL THIGH across his throat and locks ankles and absolutely CRUSHES him while then asking him..."Now do you think they are sexy!?".

We're sure you, the viewer, will find her thighs SEXY but for her victim helplessly trapped between them...maybe not so much!

So check out Sarah Gregory dishing out some social media justice in 'SCISSOR Poke!'.


SVRC-0100 'SCISSOR Poke!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  30 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

Default Video Size:


Video file size =  2.2 GB


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