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 SVRC-0063 "Adductor CRUSH!" Preview and Download Page

Adductor CRUSH!


Andrea 'Miss Untamed' Giacomi

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(Initially released as SVDL-362)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


My trainer isn't happy I skipped the adductor machine in the gym today so I'll work my adductors on his head instead!


The screen captures above are from the actual video which you can download with the video in one zip file.

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Video Description

We are proud to claim ScissorVixens.com as the FIRST website to have featured Andrea 'Miss Untamed' Giacomi several years ago before she evolved into one of the most popular LA MUSCLE DOMMES of today!

Her LEGS are absoulte SKULL CRUSHERS and she demonstrated that with ease on both Drew and Kandor in her debut ScissorVixen videos including this one!

Many times, our new models fade away into their vanilla life-styles not long after the shoot but for Andrea 'Miss Untamed' Giacomi...this shoot was just the beginning as it was the seed to which she grew into the pro-domme she is today!

So check out Andrea 'Miss Untamed' Giacomi recaptured on ScissorVixens.com in 'Adductor CRUSH!'.

Andrea 'Miss Untamed' Giacomi doesn't like her new gym's adductor machine so trainer Drew tries to show her a trick where she pushes with her legs against his.

Well, his legs are matchsticks compared to her power-packed gams, so she uses her powerful adductors to crush him in an endless display of bone-crushing scissors!

Her legs are brutal, massive, muscular and just savage as they destroy him in 30 minutes of non-stop agony, devouring his entire head in those 25-inch thighs and nearly busting his jaw with those 16-inch calves in neck-wrenching figure fours!

She also loves dropping the bomb on him, thigh bombs, that is, lifting one big leg high and pummeling his moaning face with it!

She gets her girlfriend on the phone at the end and tells her to come on over and check out her new method of working her man-eating adductors in 'Addcutor CRUSH!'.


SVRC-0063 'Adductor CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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  30 minutes 

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Date Added : January-4-2019



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