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 SVRC-0059 "The SCISSOR SISTERS!" Preview and Download Page



Jenni Czech and Angelina Czech

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(Initially released as SVDL-428)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


Silly boys, they fall for our trap every time thinking they'll get lucky but instead they get CRUSHED by the SCISSOR SISTERS!


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Video Description

Many scissor fans may recognize the GORGEOUS Jenni Czech from her own website, as well as a few other websites, showing off her incredibly POWERFUL thighs in SKULL-CRUSHING scissor action!

But what many may not know is where it all began in front of the camera which is right here on ScissorVixens!

And what's better than one beautiful, blonde Czech babe SQUEEEEZING the daylights out of you? 

TWO beautiful, blonde Czech babes squeezing the daylights out you of course!

The first time we worked with both Jenni Czech and Angelina Czech it became an instant 2-on-1 scissor classic!

Both girls have incredibly POWERFUL legs and hold nothing back in this video as they absolutely DESTROY both men in one excruciating scissor hold after another!

And whenever you see Jenni Czech licking the top of her lips with her tongue...that's when you know she's really pouring it on and her victim is in a world of PAIN!

As always with our recaptured series videos...this is a much improved version in every way including twice the frame size and much better contrast and color!

We hope you enjoy Jenni Czech and Angelina Czech recaptured in 'The SCISSOR SISTERS!'.

Adorably cute blonde Czech girls, Jenni and Angelina, are sisters who LOVE to scissor "...silly American boys..." by posting their profiles on internet dating sites looking for unsuspecting men to CRUSH!

When two guys take the bait and show up at their apartment...both girls come out of the bathroom wearing a bath towel and strip down topless wearing only panties.

They introduce themselves as "Hi...my name is Jenni..."..."And I am Angelina"..."And we are the Scissor Sisters!".

Planning to take the two lovely ladies out to lunch these two guys figure they're on their way right to desert but little do they know what the Scissor Sisters have in store for them!

This is one of the most exciting non-stop displays of all out scissor mayhem you'll ever see on ScissorVixens as the girls unleash their gorgeous athletic thighs all over their victims' heads and body, occasionally taking turns passing the fools back and forth to see which guy is the biggest wimp!

You will absolutely fall in love with their adorable Czech accents as they proclaim..."Czech girls are powerful!" and often refer to their victims as "Silly American Boys!".

The next time you answer a dating ad you better be careful and hope you don't fall into the painful trap of 'The Scissor Sisters'!


SVRC-0059 'The SCISSOR SISTERS!' Preview Clip


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  30 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  2.2 GB


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Date Added : October-14-2019



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