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 SVRC-0031 "High Pressure SCISSOR Sales!" Preview and Download Page

High Pressure SCISSOR Sales!




(Initially released as SVDL-481)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at a lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


As a top real estate agent sometimes I have to be creative to get someone to sign on the dotted line...that's if they survive!


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Video Description

When we first met Gem during this shoot the first thing out of her mouth was..."Ok...let's get it on!". 

Talk about making a good first impression!

She couldn't wait to put the SQUEEEEZE on her first victim (pictured above) and in fact...KNOCKED HIM OUT COLD in a front head scissors while we were taking pictures!

It was clear that this gorgeous thick-thighed babe had some serious power in her dancer-trained thighs!

Gem is about as SEXY as they come in this video with an amazing body which looks even better re-captured in FULL HD!

Gem, a real-life real estate agent, makes time in her busy weekend schedule to show an apartment to an interested buyer but when he sees how small it is...he quickly loses interest.

He tells her he's married and has a family and there isn't enough space to do much of anything but Gem replies telling him that there's plenty of space to do things, like scissoring the daylights out of stubborn buyers!

She strips down to a sexy green thong, matching striped green and yellow knee socks, high heels and topless and proceeds to introduce him to her latest sales technique she calls 'High Pressure Scissor Sales!'.

Besides selling houses Gem is also a dancer and those strong dancer thighs come in handy, putting the pressure on reluctant buyers, and helping her make the sale!

But this guy isn't going to sign the dotted line as quickly as most do under her scissor sales pressure so she needs to work him over a little longer than usual and so she turns up the pressure applying brutal eye-popping head scissors, rib crushing body scissors and neck snapping figure-4's until he finally fears for his life and agrees to sign on the dotted line!

It's no wonder Gem has been the number one real estate agent 5 years in a row thanks to her powerful thighs and her 'High Pressure Scissor Sales'!


SVRC-0031 'High Pressure SCISSOR Sales!' Preview Clip


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  27 minutes 

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Date Added : October-1-2018



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