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 SVRC-0028 "SCISSORING Dad's Friend!" Preview and Download Page

SCISSORING Dad's Friend!


Lee Ashley


(Initially released as SVDL-452)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


This old man stopped by to visit my dad but found my young, powerful thighs tightly wrapped around his neck instead!


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Video Description

Long-time ScissorVixen fans will always remember the time we introduced a young, athletic 19 year old by the name of Lee Ashley!

She was strikingly beautiful and had a pair of powerful man-crushing thighs we rarely see on a girl her age.

But like most girls her age, she was somewhat shy in front of the camera which in a way added a certain innocent appeal to this, her debut video on ScissorVixens.

But make no mistake about it...she put a SERIOUS HURTING on Kandor in this video with powerful scissors, thigh bombs, thigh chops and more!

Lee Ashley...you won't find her anywhere else but right here on ScissorVixens.com!

Lee Ashley is a stunningly beautiful and lethally legged 19 year old doing some stretches in sinfully short booty shorts when one of her dad's old friends comes over who hasn't seen him in years.

They'd been on the wrestling team together and she growls and says, "I got kicked off the wrestling team for using my scissor holds on the boys!"

Skeptical, he agrees to give her a wrestling lesson - and she ends up quickly giving him one in the use of her long, strong, man-eating legs!

Lee Ashley's thighs are insanely strong, as evidenced by his genuine screams, whines, groans and bellows of absolute agony, as her bone-breaking adductors are brought into play in every headscissors, her thighs absorbing his scissored skull and turning his face into a purple mess of bulging eyeballs and veins!

Her figure fours are total throat-crackers, wrenching into his windpipe and squeezing his breath away!

And her reverses are her one of her most lethal weapons in her considerable scissor arsenal as she PUNCHES her thick, sexy glutes in his face with ever increasing fury!

But it's Lee Ashley's SCISSOR CHOPS AND THRUSTS that do the most damage, as she lifts one leg high in the air (she is a real-life gymnast and ballet dancer, after all and a very flexible ScissorVixen!) and bombs his face over and over in head-splatting slams and then locks up tight and THRUSTS her locked legs out over and over, just pulverizing his face and nearly shattering his jaw!

This is one extremely brutal scissor onslaught but after all, that's what "Scissoring Dad's Friends" are for!


SVRC-0028 'SCISSORING Dad's Friend!' Preview Clip


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  28 minutes 

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Date Added : August-14-2018



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