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 SVRC-0027 "Scissors CRUSHES Rock!" Preview and Download Page

Scissors CRUSHES Rock!




(Initially released as SVDL-175)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


He likes to settle things by playing 'rock, paper, scissors' but these are my rules and my SCISSORS always CRUSHES rock!


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Video Description

Long before I ever had the idea of starting a website dedicated to powerful female thighs SQUEEZING the daylights out of men in scissor holds , I was always (like most of you) an admirer of athletic women.

I remember watching this new type of female physique contest that was being broadcast by ESPN and needless to say...my eyes were completely glued to the TV as these amazingly gorgeous and fit women, wearing skimpy bikini's and high heels, strutted on stage to see who had the best physique.

Well, when this tall statuesque and amazingly hot fitness chick announced her name using her charming southern (Texas) voice...I was mesmerized thinking..."Good lord, look at that body and those LEGS!...holy shit I'd give anything to feel those LEGS around my neck!".

Then several years later, this same fitness babe appeared on a new reality show named American Gladiators as one of the gladiators named Dallas, where contestants had to battle the very fit and athletic gladiators in various competitions, many of which required one-on-one physical contact with the gladiators.  Needless to say...Dallas won most of those battles!

Once again, while watching her on American Gladiators, I was glued to her powerful lthighs, especially during one of the competitions where contestants had to try and navigate to the opposite side, where the gladiator started from, by grasping rings and swinging themselves from one ring to the next until they hopefully made it across. 

The gladiators had to try and intercept them by swinging on rings as well and the only way to stop their opponents was to try and catch them in a body scissors with their thighs.  Yep...you guessed it...not too many contestants were able to escape the long legs and death grip of Dallas's powerful thighs as she wrapped them up and eventually pulled them down to the ground below!

After first seeing her on stage showing off her amazing body for ESPN, then a few years later on American Gladiators DESTROYING her opponents, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to one day find my skull being CRUSHED between her long, POWERFUL thighs but that's exactly what happens in this video several years after first laying my eyes on her!

And YES...her thighs and SQUEEEEEEZE are absolutely MURDEROUS!

We hope you enjoy this recaptured video bigger and better than ever!

In "Scissors Crushes Rock" Drew challenges Dallas to the classic kiddie game of "rock, paper or scissors" as a way of getting out of paying for dinner.

He tosses a rock to her scissors and gloats about it since "rock always crushes scissors" until Shannon declares "My scissors are gonna CRUSH your rock!!" and tears into him with a non-stop display of leg-squeezing fury!

Dallas's legs are legend, and here you'll see why as her tremendous thighs engulf his skull over and over and her long, shapely gams crush the air from his lungs in rib-popping bodyscissors!

This girl is one serious scissoring machine, and clever as they come, telling him when he says he can't afford anything but macaroni, "Yeah? Then how about a little macaroni-and-SQUEEZE!"

A word to the wise: Don't EVER play rock, paper, scissors with Dallas, because no matter what, you will lose to her ROCK CRUSHING THIGHS!


SVRC-0027 'Scissors CRUSHES Rock!' Preview Clip


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  31 minutes 

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Total file size =  2.19 GB


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Date Added : August-7-2018



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