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(Initially released as SVDL-443)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at low resolution in standard definition and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


He'd rather watch golf waiting for a hole-in-one but I have something more exciting for him...my SCISSORS In One!


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Video Description

**One thing we have always loved at ScissorVixens was discovering new talent never seen on any other scissor site! 

We first noticed Vicki on a social network that has long since faded away but before it did we were fortunate enough to get her in front of our cameras to show off her big, powerful Crossfit quads!

Like so many girls we introduce to the world of scissoring...Vicki was a little hesitant to pour on the pressure knowing how powerful her thighs were and afraid of doing serious damage!

Watch as Vicki starts out a little hesitant in the first half of the video but around the half-way mark...Vicki finds her dominant side and starts to shine for the camera pouring on some seriously frightening pressure around her victim's neck and ribs!

Vicki is that perfect 'muscle girl next door' you see in the gym, super market or just walking down the street that you fantasize about wrapping you up in her gorgeous thighs and finding her dominant side one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other!

Vicki was a GREAT FIND for ScissorVixens and now we've recaptured her video from years ago in FULL HD!**

If there's one thing women have a hard time dealing with is their husbands' sitting around on their lazy asses watching sports all day especially when they are supposed to go out for dinner!

So when gorgeous personal trainer, Vicki, walks in and catches her hubby watching the last round of golf, hoping to see a 'hole in one', she decides to give him her first round of scissors and introduces him to her 'Scissors In One'!

Watch as Vicki wraps her huge, powerful thighs around her hubby's little skull and applies unbearable pressure causing him to scream and beg for mercy!

Not only is Vicki good at physically dominating him with her scissors but she loves to verbally taunt and dominate him as well!

While trapping him in a murderous reverse head scissors she says, "I've been doing squats just for you...can you tell?" and continues taunting him by saying "Say you love it!...Say you love it or I'll squeeze harder!" forcing him to begrudgingly 'admit' he loves being crushed by her thighs!

She eventually twists to the side while keeping the pressure on and forces him to choose between golf and her quads asking, "Which do you like better? Golf or my quads?".

Barely able to utter a sound he whispers that he prefers her quads but whispering it isn't good enough for her so she pours on the pressure even more commanding him to "Say it louder!".

In the end Vicki crushes him in her 'Scissors In One' right across his throat and makes him promise to be ready the next time they are scheduled to go out for dinner!


**The recaptured full video download is encoded at a much higher quality and size than the original preview clip below.**

SVRC-0002 'SCISSORS In One!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  30 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

Default Video Size:


Total file size =  1.41 GB


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Date Added : November-13-2017



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