Vigilante Scissors!


Mistress Asha




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Video Description

Gorgeous 5'10" Mistress Asha debuts in her first ScissorVixen video administering justice her own way in 'Vigilante Scissors!'.

When she learns about her sister, Sarah, being slapped around by a man who met her in a bar because she refused to give him sex and kicked her out of his room...Mistress Asha pays him a visit herself!  She shows up after he calls an escort service requesting a tall, leggy girl and wants her to show up wearing a sexy school-girl outfit.

So when she finally arrives the first thing he tells her is that she's late but at least she looks pretty good in her insanely short plaid skirt and high-heels.  She asks him if she looks familiar and he tells her that she reminds him of some bitch he brought back to his room a few nights ago.  Then Mistress Asha reveals who she really is and tells him she's Sarah's sister and now he's going to get a taste of his own medicine by forcing her scissors down his throat!

Watch as Mistress Asha completely DESTROYS the much smaller and overmatched man in a torturous array of scissors that has him screaming in agony and pleading for his life!  It's obvious she enjoys listening to his screams as she pours on the pressure while commenting..."Now that's the kind of scream I enjoy hearing!".

In the end she tosses the nearly lifeless man out of his own room and decides to make herself comfortable for the rest of the evening.


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