Ms. Savannah's Savage Scissors!


Ms. Savannah Sly




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Video Description

At 6 ft. tall with incredibly long and insanely STRONG thighs Ms. Savannah Sly is most certainly worthy of one of our savage scissor series videos! Drew was planning on taking all of the savage scissors himself but quickly changed his mind, before losing it, after the first few scissors from Ms. Savannah's crushing squeeze. Drew was fortunate enough to somehow talk his volunteer helper into becoming his volunteer victim once again and taking some of the punishment from Savannah's murderous thighs. At one point she applies a reverse head scissors on the volunteer victim that was so tight and powerful that his eyes were literally bulging out of their sockets and he quickly taps out saying..."Woe...I almost got knocked out there!". With Ms. Savannah Sly you have to make sure you keep your hands free and ready to tap out on a moment's notice or you'll be knocked out by one of the most powerful and savage scissors you will find anywhere!


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