Mistress Treasure Double Feature

Private Session Scissors and Gym Rat Squeeze




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In this 'double feature' video you get to see twice the pleasure, or in the case of Treasure's poor scissored victim, twice the skull crushing pain!  The first part of the video, 'Private Session Scissors', was taken from a private session with Mistress Treasure in which she was asked to apply one crushing scissor hold after another resulting in one screaming submission after another.  She was dressed in a sexy 'school girl' outfit and eventually strips down to an incredible looking bikini thong.  There is a shorter segment in part 1 where she also squeezes another lucky fella' wearing very sexy and very short shorts and of course the result is the same...more frantic submissions forced by the powerful thighs of this ebony scissor-goddess.

In part 2...Treasure gets fed-up with her lifting partner, Jake, in 'Gym Rat Squeeze' who insists that his legs are stronger then hers despite the fact that she just demonstrated, in the gym, that she can squat more than him.  He continues to verbally taunt her about her legs being inferior to his despite the visually obvious thigh-power superiority she has over him.  Finally, she decides to shut him up and gives Jake an up close and personal demonstration of just how powerful her thighs really are!  She wraps him up in all kinds of leggy scissoring torture and brings Jake to several frightening, screaming submissions.  In one particular reverse headscissors sequence...Jake almost instantly passes out in less than 5 seconds as he thought his skull was literally caving in from her anaconda reverse headscissors crush!

Treasure is one of the most powerful ScissorVixens we have worked with and her legs can deliver one submission after another with little effort whether it is a head scissors, body scissors or any type of scissors.

If you wanna' be subjected to screaming scissored submissions...then give Treasure a 'call'...she'll be more than happy to put the squeeze on you!


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