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 SVDL-1167 "Jolene's SAVAGE Scissor Escape Challenge!" Preview and Download Page

Jolene's SAVAGE Scissor Escape Challenge!


Jolene the Valkyrie




Full High Definition


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The rules are simple...he gets 10 seconds to escape my thighs and if he doesn't...I'll PUNISH him with my SAVAGE SCISSORS!


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Video Description



Jolene the Valkyrie finally comes home to where she first learned how to scissor several years ago right here on ScissorVixens.com!

We've shot quite a few videos with Jolene over the years and she has certainly shot quite a few for other's as well. 

And now Jolene is one of the TOP fighters for the 'LFC - Lingerie Fighting Championships' where she travels around the world, wearing sexy lingerie while breaking hearts and a few other things along the way!

Meeting Jolene in person for the first time, it's difficult to believe that such a beautiful woman with such a pretty smile and welcoming personality can be SO BRUTAL and VICIOUS on the mats, in a cage, on a floor or wherever else you might want to challenge her!

But...she always seems to make the painful and humiliating experience a lot of fun....for her of course! 

While nearly snapping your neck in half with vicious scissor chops, followed by the extreme pressure around your neck from her looooong dancer thighs...she often smiles, giggles and even laughs at your futile attempt to survive her thighs!

And finally...we give Jolene the type of spotlight she so deserves...Jolene's SAVAGE Scissor Escape Challenge!

We've only done this type of video a few times in the past and probably should do them more whenever we have the right talent in front of the camera. 

And Jolene is more than qualified to carry this type of savage scissor action to EXTREME LEVELS!

The first half of the video...Jolene gives our victim an impossible challenge..."You have 10 seconds to escape my thighs and if you don't...then you'll be tapping out real fast!".

Tap! Tap! Tap! and MORE TAPPING!

The second half is more of the same minus the 10 second escape opportunity...as if he ever had a change!

This time...it's just pure SAVAGE SCISSORS in their most brutal form!

If you like watching a helpless guy in pure panic mode, screaming, gagging, choking, tears running down his face and basically praying for it to end...then you'll love Jolene the Valkyrie in 'Jolene's SAVAGE Scissor Escape Challenge!'.



SVDL-1167 'Jolene's SAVAGE Scissor Escape Challenge!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-3-2017



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