Introducing ShadowFax!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'10"
Weight 195 lbs.
Quads 27.5"
Calves 16.5"

About ShadowFax

They don't get any BIGGER or as POWERFUL as 5'10" tall and 195 pounds of BONE-CRUSHING MUSCLE like blonde Amazon ScissorVixen, ShadowFax!

When we saw her listed as offering sessions out of Tampa we immediately contacted her to see if she would be interested in displaying her incredibly powerful physique and HUGE THIGHS on ScissorVixens.  And she immediately answered back..."Hell Yeah!".

ShadowFax has the kind of athletic background any scissor-fan would appreciate!

She spent many years playing soccer, 9.5 years in the Army, ran 5K marathons and has been lifting weights ever since she was a teenager.  Add to that her love for riding horses (I'm sure those horses obey when she straps her thighs around their backs!) and currently competing in bodybuilding and you have one insanely powerful ScissorVixen!

Think  you can survive ShadowFax's SQUEEEEZE!?


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