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Video Description
Tall at 5'9" barefoot but thin and VERY LEAN is Agatha 'The Agonizer' in her debut ScissorVixens video!

We've said it many times before and once again our latest ScissorVixen proves it to be true.  Dancers with long, lean legs can really do some damage and crank on the pressure and Agatha 'The Agonizer' demonstrates that in her debut ScissorVixens video!

When we contacted her she was already well aware of ScissorVixens.com and couldn't wait to shoot for us telling us..."Yes...I may be thin but my legs are very muscular and very strong since I'm a dancer!".  Well...again...given our past experience with dancers with a similar build to Agatha's we didn't need any convincing to know she could dish out plenty of  AGONY with her lithe, sinewy legs and you too will be convinced after watching this video!

When Agatha's boyfriend is looking for his new cooling towel to wear on his hiking trip he finds it wrapped around her neck. 

"Uhhhh....excuse me but that's MY cooling towel and I need that for hiking....NOW!" he tells her.

That's when Agatha decides to cool HIM off by wrapping her SCISSORS around his neck and SQUEEEEEZ-ING the living daylights out of him!

We've seen our victim in this video get pretty red in the face before but in this video his face is so red from Agatha The Agonizer's torturous legs that we were afraid she would pop his head right off!

So check out Agatha The Agonizer's debut ScissorVixens video titled 'Agatha's Cooling SCISSORS!'.


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