Simply, we are the biggest and best scissor site the web has to offer!  We realize that many wrestling domination sites out there, good as some may be, are not solely dedicated to scissors.  Ours is a site where legs prevail in all their squeezing splendor.  It's really that simple.  And deliciously painful.



Well, one of us is Kandor with whom most long-time scissor fans are familiar, from his years of writing scissor stories for Cavalier, Nugget, LH-Art, Diana the Valkyrie and many other outlets, in addition to his recent foray into scissor videos.  Overall, we're guys with lifelong scissor fetishes who have more than 65 years of getting-squeezed experience among us, so we know what you like cause it's what we like, too.  You want to get a great meal, go to a chef who loves to eat.  You want awesome scissors in photos, film and word, go to a place where they live for it: ScissorVixens.com.  You won't be disappointed.


Simply put, the largest, most on topic collection of scissor clips and photos you'll find in one place, along with original stories just for ScissorVixens.com by Kandor, considered by many to be the premier scissor story writer over the last 30 years.  We also offer scissor videos for sale featuring the biggest, best and most brutal women doing what they do best: Scissoring the CRAP outta men!  We have well-known, world-class dominant women and bodybuilders, girls next door with naturally awesome legs and just about everything in between.  We believe that all kinds of legs - not just huge and muscular - are capable of powerful scissors.  We have legs of all shapes, sizes and colors doing our squeezing for us and showing you what we mean.


We offer 20 new video clips and 30 or more new photos each week.  Also, once a month, we will add all new exclusive content to the members bonus page which may include anything from 20 new video clips to a full video download and pictures.  That's 80 to 100 new video clips, hundreds of new photos per month and a Full Video Download (average 30 minutes in length) in the members bonus area.  Nothing worse than joining a site, paying good money and having to wait forever for new stuff.  Not at ScissorVixens where constant updates will keep you where you want to be: Between the thighs of some of the world's most powerful women!


We need a couple things: We need you, our members, to provide us feedback.  You want to see more of a particular girl more often?  Let us know.  Is there a specific scissor hold we haven't used (fat chance, but ya never know), tell us about it.  Want to say what you like - or don't like - about the site?  Contact us, we'll listen.

We also need women and are ALWAYS on the lookout for fresh, leggy talent, 18 and over.  Know someone with great gams, the kind of legs other women see and wish they had, the kind of legs that look like they'd be perfect for ScissorVixens.com?  Then let us know about them; have the woman contact us for details, or if you are such a woman reading this, drop us a line.

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You have to ask?  We love scissors and know you do, too, or you wouldn't be here.  So you want scissors?  You've come to the right place, ScissorVixens.com where you can ALWAYS feel the pressure!

So, now that you got to know the what, when and why of who we are...check out our tour page!

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